Scholarship Awards

2023 Rules and Application


The Traffic Club of Pittsburgh 2023 Scholarship Award Program
Qualification Criteria and Application Requirements

Your application will consist of:

  1. Your resume. Please include your family home address as well as your school address and a
    telephone number where you can be contacted.
  2. Your one-page composition (original writing, double spaced) on one of the following topics:
    1. Describe what you feel would be your ideal job, upon graduation, in the field of transportation,
      logistics or supply chain management, and why; or
    2. Tell us about your most interesting transportation, logistics or supply chain management class
      to date, and how you feel you might use the course content in your first job after graduating; or
    3. Describe or highlight one aspect of one of your internships or out-of-classroom work
      experiences which you anticipate will help you become a more qualified supply chain
      management professional and a better leader in transportation, logistics or supply chain
      management.Include your name on your one-page composition. If you submitted an application for the 2022
      awards, we strongly recommend that you pick a different topic for your 2023 application.
  3. An official certified copy of your most recent college grade transcript, sent directly to The Traffic
    Club of Pittsburgh at by the Registrar’s Office. This transcript
    must reflect your Fall 2022 course results.
  4. A letter of recommendation about you from one of your transportation / logistics / supply-chain
    management / industrial engineering professors. The letter of recommendation may be contained in an
    email or attached to an email sent directly from the recommending professor’s email account to Alternately, a hardcopy letter of recommendation, manually
    signed by the professor, may be sent directly by the professor to the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh at
    address below, or included with your other materials if those materials are submitted in hardcopy form.

Emailed application materials must be sent no later than 11:59 PM on January 23, 2023 to:
Hardcopy application materials must be postmarked no later than 11:59 PM on January 23, 2023
and sent to:
The Traffic Club of Pittsburgh
Post Office Box 284
Beaver, PA 15009
Attn: Executive Director
Application materials forwarded electronically are preferred, and should be in pdf format.

Qualification Criteria:

  1. Student must be a U.S. citizen currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. four-year college program with a
    major in supply chain management, transportation, distribution, logistics, or industrial engineering.
  2. Student may not have previously received a Traffic Club of Pittsburgh scholarship award.
  3. Student must have completed their sophomore year (or one-half of graduating credit requirements) and
    must have completed a minimum of two (2) Supply Chain courses consisting of not fewer than six (6)
    Supply Chain credit hours.
  4. Student’s certified transcript must indicate that a minimum cumulative, as well as major, grade point
    average of 3.00 or higher (on a 4.0-based scale) has been achieved.
  5. Selected candidate MUST be present in person at the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh’s Annual Dinner in
    Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday, March 2, 2023 to receive their scholarship award.
  6. Selected candidate must return to the Club a completed tax identification information form by the date
    specified on the form. The tax identification information form will be provided by the Club to each
    selected candidate.

Additional Information:

  • Qualified students who have applied but were not selected in a prior year are encouraged to apply for
    the 2023 awards. Students in their senior year are free to apply provided they meet all of the
    qualification criteria.
  • Some of our scholarship donors may be interested in reviewing your résumé for recruiting purposes.
    Absent your advice to the contrary, we oblige these requests from our donors. Their generosity permits
    our scholarship program to grow. If you prefer that your résumé not be distributed beyond the
    scholarship selection committee, simply let us know with the submission of your application materials.
    You do not need to state a reason. An election not to share your résumé will have no bearing upon the
    evaluation of your application. In no event will transcripts, recommendations or compositions be shared
    beyond the scholarship selection committee.
  • Each of the four items required to complete your application must be sent to us by January 23, 2023.
    Application materials received after that date will be considered provided that they have been sent to us
    in the proper manner on or prior to that date. Application materials will not be returned.
  • Coursework in which you are currently enrolled but have not yet completed will not be counted toward
    meeting the requirement to have completed a minimum of two (2) courses and a minimum of six (6)
    credit hours in your major field of study.
  • If you have a specific question about the application process or need clarification, please send your
    inquiry to Inquiries will not postpone or otherwise affect the
    deadline for applications.
  • Receipt of your completed application will be acknowledged by email from the Traffic Club of
    Pittsburgh’s office after all four required items (résumé, composition, transcript, and recommendation)
    have been received. Email acknowledgment will be sent to the address appearing on your résumé.
    Please allow 2 to 3 business days for acknowledgment. Acknowledgment means only that the
    documents (hardcopy or digital) have arrived and does not connote that they have been reviewed or
  • If you are selected, you will be contacted by telephone by a Scholarship Committee representative. It is
    very important that your contact information is accurate so that we may reach you in early February.
  • Successful candidates will also receive a complimentary two-year membership in the Traffic Club of
    Pittsburgh. You will find it a great networking organization for new jobs and to get technical assistance
    for job-related questions.

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Membership in the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh is open to anyone involved in transportation. Our purpose is to encourage and protect trade and commerce ... by bringing together those engaged in transportation of freight and passengers so that their mutual interests will be advanced.

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