The first Traffic Club of Pittsburgh Dinner...circa 1902.

Members only at the Hotel Henry in Pittsburgh, PA on
February 6,1903.

74 members and two guest speakers = attendance of 76.
$3.00 a plate.

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          A Traffic Club of Pittsburgh outing was held August 20, 1917 at Idlewild Park near Ligonier.

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The 2002 Officers and Governors of the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh (left). 

The Officers and Board of Governors  - 1935-1936 (right)


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A Traffic Club of Pittsburgh golf outing at Oakmont Country Club June 9, 1913.
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Dan Stuthers, Vice President - Sales Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Co.
Current Club President (left)

C. W. Clarke, General Agent, Erie Railroad, was elected first
President on December 15, 1902.

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